123College Advisors


 123College Advisors

Learn how 123 College Advisors gets you in front of qualified prospects with an immediate need for your services.
  • Are you having difficulty finding desirable new clients?
  • Is the senior market flooded in your area and not as profitable as in the past?
  • Have economic woes take a toll on your money under management?
  • Do you find it difficult for potential clients to understand the need and value for certain life insurance and annuity products?
  • Are you searching for ways to expand your business but can’t find enough time?
  • Have your “qualified advisor leads” been not so qualified?
  • If you answered Yes to any of these questions
  • We may be able to Help

We focus on a specific niche market. That is parents ages 38 to 60 that have college bound student(s) in high school. These parents are desperately searching for ways to pay for their child’s college education.
They have an immediate need for our services and yours. We work together to help these families and put them in the best situation possible. The includes in many instances them purchasing your life and annuity products.

Parents can sometimes save tens of thousands of dollars simple by sheltering assets out of the financial aid formulas. You can also make several hundred dollars even if you don’t sell any investment products at all.We are the Only Company In The Country Scheduling Seminars For Financial Professionals That’s Right, No More Cold-Calling.
We secure the venues. We take one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks out the equation for your office. All you have to do is present a simple forty-minute presentation. We even customize the presentation to your office and the people in your area. This is the most effective and turnkey insurance agency marketing system you’ll ever use. 123College Advisors believe it’s best to have our advisors establish long-standing relationships with the educational venues in their areas. A familiar face opens up the doors for your business and ours.
This is Why:
No other Advisors from 123College will be in your Territory.You Have The Best College Planning Service To Offer Without Competition.123College Advisors will never run out of new fresh exclusive leads.Over 2.6 million students are entering college this year alone. Each year students graduate others fills their shoes.
Our advisors only market to those parents whom have incomes of a minimum $50,000 annually. These parents are likely to have assets to purchase your products and subscribe to our service. You make money on both.

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